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About Carol Conigliaro

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Practicing Acupuncture + herbal Medicine since 2000

Carol Conigliaro has been practicing acupuncture and herbal medicine since 2000 in Lyons and Boulder, Colorado.  She is a graduate of Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, licensed in the state of Colorado and nationally certified by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine).  After graduation, Carol completed a nine month training in Toyohari Japanese acupuncture, refining her technique and learning that a gentle approach can have profound effects.

 Prior to practicing Chinese medicine, Carol owned and operated Gem O' the Field Organic Farm in Longmont, Colorado with her husband. She grew vegetables, flowers, native and herbal plants and sold them at the Boulder County Farmer's Market. 

Carol has always loved studying nature, botany and plant medicine and has found that the philosophy of Chinese medicine reflects what she observes in nature.

She enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing, snowshoeing and gardening. She also loves to eat good food. 


I have been going to Carol for over 6 years for acupuncture and herbs. What began as a quest to help with migraines turned into a lifeline of support through menopause, health and emotional issues, as well as support for other big changes in my life. She is curious, professional and intuitive. She shows an interest in my world and I have learned so much from her quiet advice. I am especially sensitive and have been afraid of needles. Her Japanese style of acupuncture is the most tender and effective treatment for me. I always leave a treatment feeling more balanced on many levels.
— K.K.

Our Services

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Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin, sterilized, stainless steel needles into points on the body that have been found to be energy centers that affect change in the energetic flow of the body.  Combinations of acupuncture points are used to create balance in the energetic system of the body by unblocking stuck energy, bringing energy to an area with less and thus harmonizing the flow of energy in the body.


Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is an ancient, and also very modern, system of using plants, and other natural substances, as medicine.  It has been practiced and recorded continuously for thousands of years creating an enormous body of knowledge. Today practitioners have the benefit of pharmacological studies that explain, in western terms, how the herbs work so that they can be integrated into the treatment of most disorders. Chinese herbal medicine is the practice of combining single herbal ingredients into formulas, similar to recipes, that can treat a wide range of health conditions. There are also formulas for maintaining health and vitality! 



Moxa is another powerful tool to bring the body into balance. It is dried, ground and aged mugwort (an herb) that is burned on acupuncture points or other areas of the body to produce a warming and soothing effect. While acupuncture is useful to move energy, moxibustion (the act of burning the moxa) actually adds energy to the body in the form of heat.  This is helpful for systems in the body that need a boost in their function. It can enhance the immune system, digestive function and overall energy level among other uses.



Auriculotherapy is acupuncture done in the outer part of the ear. The ear is a microsystem in which the entire body is represented in a small space.  There are other microsystems on the body such as foot reflexology. The ear can be used to augment any acupuncture treatment and is a very powerful tool to calm the nervous system and switch a person out of the "fight or flight," or sympathetic, function of the nervous system into the "rest and digest," or parasympathetic, function of the nervous system. Auriculotherapy can be very  useful in the treatment  of insomnia, cravings, addictions, stress and many other conditions.



Many people became aware of cupping during the 2016 Olympic games when several athletes had round marks on their bodies. But cupping has been used as a therapy in many cultures for thousands of years. Using fire, suction is created in the glass cup and the cup is quickly placed on body. The cups can be left in placed or moved around an area of the body. It's like massage except the tissue is being pulled up, not pushed down.  It increases circulation in the area worked and speeds healing. It loosens tight muscles, brings toxins to the surface and feels wonderful. It can leave redness or bruising that is not painful and goes away in a few days.


Electrical Stimulation

In some cases it is helpful to augment the action of the acupuncture with a small electrical charge running between two acupuncture points.  This is achieved with a device that runs on a 9 volt battery.  By connecting a positive charge on one acupuncture point and a negative charge on another acupuncture point a micro current of electricity can flow between the points. This stimulates the flow of energy and can be useful for pain relief, neuropathy, numbness and treatments where stronger Qi (energy) flow is needed.