Herbs and Acupuncture Boulder and Lyons Colorado

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Lyons Clinic

In the Lyons clinic patients can choose from two different treatment options. Carol offers private sessions as well as community-style treatments. The community-style treatments are offered at certain times of the week with two treatment tables in one big room divided by privacy screens. She will start with one patient, work with them individually, and then while that patient is resting with their needles in place, start another treatment on the other table. Each patient's treatment overlaps with another patient's treatment. This style of treatment allows for lower cost treatments without compromising individual attention. The clinic is easily accessed from Longmont as well as Lyons with parking right in front of the building and is handicap accessible.

Community Acupuncture & Private Sessions

503 2nd Ave.
Lyons, CO 80540


Boulder Clinic

Private sessions are available at the Boulder clinic which is in the Steelyards complex on 30th Street. This office is easily accessible in Boulder with free parking and is handicap accessible.   

Private Acupuncture Sessions

2500 30th Street
Suite 200
Boulder, CO 80303


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